2019 Ondine released the soundtrac (2 CDs) by Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jaakko Kuusisto on "Song of the Scarlet Flower" .
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Soundtrack Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta

2017 Viipurin Lauluveikot ( Vyborgs Singingbrothers) published an male choir CD with 15 songs. The CD includes three songs of Järnefelt:
"Vill du komma med mig" (Will you come with me), "Sirkka" (Cricket) and "Pois meni merehen päivä" (The day went under in the see)

Laulun sanoma levyn kansi WEB

2017 On 16 january was a CD record ”Finnish Violin Classics” by Jaso Sasaki, violin and Marko Hilpo, piano published.
The record includes three works by Armas Järnefelt. Two of these are of particular interest as the "Romanze" (1891) and
"Suite in F major" (1892) are world premiere recordings and rarely heard before. The third piece is the famous "Berceuse".
The CD also includes works by Toivo Kuula and Jean Sibelius. Buy here!


2016 publication of a CD-box, including 10 CDs, consisting all today known recordings Järnefelt conducting or self playing.
The recordings are collected and restored of Carl-Gunnar Åhlén. Buy here! 

PhD Carl-Gunnar Åhlén´s meritorious essay of the reordings: here

Read the ARSC Journal critique here

This review first appeared in the "Association for Recorded Sound Collections Journal"


2015 publication of Järnefelt biography in Swedish:  "Armas Järnefelt kompositör och kapellmästare i Finland och i Sverige”,
Atlantis-KMA-SLS, translated and edited by Lasse Zilliacus. Buy here!

Kirja saveltaja ja kapellimestari

2014 publication of  CD: ”Våg, våg slå åter”, Nosag records, Christin Högnabba soprano and Stefan Lindgren pianist.
Includes 12 of Järnefelts solosongs among other Finnish composers songs.Buy here!

Vag vag levy

2012 publicatioin of CD: Tahdon, suomalaista häämusiikkia. On the CD Jan Lehtola plays the only organwork of Järnefelt:
Häämarssi. Composed to his sons wedding. Alba records Buy here!

Tahdo levy

2012 publication of CD: ”Bortom fjärdens våg”, Nosag records, Christin Högnabba soprano, and Stefan Lindgren pianist.
Includes 8 of Järnefelts solos songs among other Finnish composers songs. Buy here!


2010 publication of CD: ”Armas Järnefelt Orchestral Works”, BIS, Lahti Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jaakko Kuusisto. Buy here!


2009 publication of biography: ”Armas Järnefelt Kahden maan mestari”, SKS, editor Hannu Salmi. Buy here!

Kirja kahden maan mestari

2008 publication of CD: Yö meren rannalla. On this CD, among others, Johanna Rusanen sings Järnefelts Berceuse with new words of Aulikki Oksasen. Nova records Oy Buy here!

Yo meren rannalla levy

2005 publication of CD: An Antholofy of Finnish Piano Music, Jouni Somero piano.
On the CD is recorded one of the two Järnefelts pianopeaces: Opus 4 Drei painostücke. FC-records. Buy here!

Anthology of Finnish piano music vol 1 levy

2003 publication of CD:  ”Armas Järnefelt Lieder”, Ondine, Jorma Hynninen baritone, Camilla Nylund soprano, and Ilkka Paalanen piano. Buy here!


2003 publication of CD: Armas Järnefelt Laulajan koti, selection of songs for male choir. Finlandia records. Buy here!

Laulajan koti levy

1999 Publication of notebooklet: "Armas Järnefelt Songs for Malechoir". Booklet includes 14 of Järnefelts Male Choir Sångs. Buy here!

Mieskuorokaulut web

1996 publication of CD: ”Armas Järnefelt Orchestral Music”, Sterling Records.
Gävle Symphony Orchestra, conductor Hannu Koivula. Buy here!


1995 publication of notebooklet: ”Armas Järnefelt Solosånger”, Fennica Gehrman.
Block includes 24 of Järnefelts solo songs. Buy here!

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