ArmasJarnefelt 150 logot 2

The year 2019 will mark 150 years since the birth of Armas Järnefelt. In association with different actors, the Armas Järnefelt Society intends to make 2019 an Armas Järnefelt Jubilee Year.

The Society has already released a logo that can be freely used for information services and publications. Download the logo ”eps” or ”ai”.

We ask that anyone organizing  Järnefelt events in the Jubilee Year kindly notify the Society. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A schedule of events will be compiled here; the first event is has already been slated.

Under the heading “Järnefelt 150” on this site, we will release photographs of Armas Järnefelt. The pictures will also be at the disposal of those who are organizing Järnefelt events, provided the Armas Järnefelt’s heirs are acknowledged as the source.